“Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” Spoilers: Kartik To Let Naira & Kairav Go? Move Ahead With Vedika?

“Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” is high on drama and is currently going through lots of ups and downs. Now in the upcoming episodes fans will witness Kartik and Naira fight for the custody of their son Kairav. Since Naira is the mother, she will have the benefit of getting Kairav and Kartik fears that he will soon lose his son.

That is when his lawyers will tell him to do something which Kartik can never think of.

Will Kartik Name Naira As Characterless?

The earlier episode showed that the decision of the judge is in favor of Naira getting the custody of Kairav as she is the mother. Kartik wants his son but there is no way out. According to his lawyer, if Kartik says and proves that his ex-wife is characterless, the former has a chance of getting custody of Kairav.
This shocks Kartik who still has soft feelings for Naira and does not want to put a stigma of being characterless on her. So instead of going ahead with the custody battle, he is most likely to drop the idea and let Kairav go with Naira instead and move ahead with Vedika.

Latest reports suggest that the reason that Naira is against giving Kartik the custody of their son is because she does not want to keep any connection with her ex-husband and want Kartik to lead a happy married life with Vedika.

In the presence of Kairav between them, Kartik may not be able to forget Naira. Now it needs to be seen whether Kartik goes against his wishes and calls Naira characterless or whether he comes to know about the real motive of Naira behind taking Kairav away from him.

The upcoming week promises a lot of revelations and ups and downs and fans are just wondering who exactly will remain in Kartik’s life- Vedika or Naira.