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Sangati Jogwar

One of the best works of Sushant Singh Rajput is undoubtedly the biopic on legendary cricketer MS Dhoni. During the making of M.S.Dhoni: The Story Untold, SSR spent a lot of time with the cool Indian captain so that he could pick up his body language properly and even understand his thought process.

Since the biopic was that of a cricketer it was also important for Sushant to understand what made Dhoni react in a particular way on the field, how he took decisions for his team during a crisis, or what he thought while hitting a particular shot.

As expected it required Sushant Singh Rajput to study Dhoni from very close quarters. Importantly Sush was a man bestowed with both a brilliant as well as a creative mind. That is why many times he repeatedly asked certain questions to Dhoni that made even the coolest mind in the cricketing world lose temper.

Maine Pehli Baar MS Ko Apna Cool Khote Hue Dekha Tha-Sushant Singh Rajput

During these discussions and question and answer sessions there was a time when Sushant Singh Rajput irked the cool captain. During one of the promotions for the movie, SSR said, "Maine pehli baar MS ko apna cool khote hue dekha tha. Pehle do-teen din mein jab inke saath tha woh bahot hi calmly, patiently saare answers de rahe the. Lekin ek baar bol diya ki tum questions bahot puchte ho yaar. Mein aata hoon do minute mein."

When a reporter asked, "Kya koi specific reason thi, kya poocha tha aapne?" Sushant Singh Rajput went on to say, "Bas ek hi question ko alag alag baar baar pooch raha tha." At this juncture MS Dhoni intervened and said, "cross-checkng ho raha tha. Aise ek baar seedhe poochta tha, phir usi cheez ko baanye se poochta tha. Answer agar similar ho toh sach bol raha hai. Phir dusare question pe jaata tha."

Dhoni said that initially it was a bit too much talking about self and hence he lost his cool a bit and said to Sushant, "Muzhe break chahiye, main jaa raha hoon." Well, Sush might have troubled the former Indian captain a bit but he made sure that it was worth all the time by delivering a splendid performance on the screen.



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