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Priyanka Chopra’s much-awaited memoir 'Unfinished' which is penned by the star herself was finally released on Tuesday. The book has already found its place in best-selling charts in India and United States partly because PC had made some shocking revelations about her life in the book.

One of the incidents that she has mentioned in her book that shocked the reader was about how a director asked her to strip to her underwear for a song and how Salman Khan defused the situation.

When she was narrating her journey from a small-town girl to a global star in Unfinished, she mentioned that she had gone through her part of good and bad incidents. However, during her two-decade-long cinema career, she narrated one incident which left her sour.

Priyanka revealed that during the beginning of her movie career when she bagged a big Bollywood film, she was told to do a seductive song where she had to strip her songs slowly.

As the song was long, Piggy Chops suggested that it would be great if she wore several layers of clothing so that there won’t be much skin show but the director refused.

Priyanka Chopra writes, "The director suggested me to speak to my stylist, so I called him and briefly explained the situation, then passed on the phone to the director. Standing right in front of me, the director said: "Jo bhi ho, chaddiyyan dikhni chahiyen. Nahi toh log picture kyun dekhne aayenge?”

Chopra then confessed that after what the director said she decided to quit the film the very next day. The producer got to know about her decision to quit the film and confronted Priyanka about it when Salman Khan intervened between.

The actor further wrote, "My co-star Salman Khan, who was and is a huge star in India, understood the situation immediately and intervened on my behalf...when the producer arrived, he had a conversation with him that defused the conversation. I'm not sure exactly what he said but the producer was in a much calmer state when he spoke to me."

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