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Basyukta Basuprava

A video of well-known cardiologist Dr. KK Agarwal getting schooled by his wife for getting the coronavirus vaccine without the latter’s presence is going viral on the internet. The hilarious video where Dr. Aggrawal is on a call with his wife and she starts reprimanding him while he is on life is leaving the internet in splits.

Doctor KK Aggarwal is the former President of the Indian Medical Association and a well-known physician. But the video for which he went viral is ‘Har Ghar Ki Kahaani’. He first made the mistake of getting himself vaccinated without his wife and then second to answer her phone while on a live session.

In the video, his wife can be heard getting irked because he went to get a vaccine without her. He tries to explain, “Main pata karne gaya tha aap logon ka, vo keh rahe the 'khaali hai, lagwa lo', toh maine lagwa li, “He added that he will take her on Monday.

Aggarwal was seen telling his wife a number of times that he is live and will call after some time but his unimpressed wife responded, “"Main abhi live aa ke tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hoon”.

Netizens have shared their reactions to the video and some even relating to the funny incident.

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