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Virat Kohli Spotted Bargaining At Shop! WATCH

Cricket fans are well aware of the stature of the young cricket icon-Virat Kohli. Fans are also well aware of his earnings from cricket and endorsements. Instead of all these things, what if you find Virat bargaining at a shop… !

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are just like any other Indian couple who go out on shopping. The star couple just can spend money throughout the day without getting tired. But if we say, even Kohli is like any other Indian man who prefers to bargain, possibly you or anyone on earth knowing about the cricket icon, won’t believe.

Here, we bring a video that will change your perception and of course, it will make you laugh your heads off.

A few days back, a video went viral purportedly showing Virat bargaining at a shop but the truth was just opposite leaving people burst into laughter.

Virat was spotted at a garment shop for purchasing a T-Shirt. Kohli is heard asking the price of the T-Shirt and after learning about the price, he starts bargaining in the video.

This is not the end! The salesman is heard mentioning about Kohli’s stature, dignity, and wife. The salesman also said with such a huge financial status, why does he even require bargaining.

Hurt by this act of Kohli, the salesman offered the T-Shirt to Kohli free of cost.


Well, to clarify- this video was a parody in which a lookalike of Virat Kohli is seen performing the act. The lookalike of Kohli is quite popular across various social media platforms.

This is a fan-made video made on TikTok. With this, we don’t intend to humiliate or hurt the sentiments of any fan or any person as it’s just for a humourous purpose.

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