Viral Video: Odisha rapper’s song on racism debate breaks internet [WATCH]

Bhubaneswar: ‘I’m an Indian and let me be Indian’ says rapper Samir Rishu Mohanty from Odisha in his recent rap video speaking against growing instances of racism and hate.

The anti-racism rap of Mohanty has taken the internet by storm and again upped the debate over the racism slur against people of north-east region in India making them feel refugees in their own country.

Through the song, he raps on allegations of racism and questions as to when will there be an end to this?
Mohanty’s video is a conversation between three north-east students and a contingent that raised questions over their identity, lifestyle and etiquette.

The contingent continues hitting the trio with its caustic remarks, but the rappers without losing their cool talk of friendship, brotherhood and harmony.

WATCH the video below: