Sangati Jogwar

Vidya Balan is currently busy promoting her upcoming movie based on the life of the Indian mathematics genius Shakuntala Devi. Known for doing women-centric movies, the actress has an enviable career-graph and a major blockbuster “Mission Mangal” in 2019 under her belt. Although the movie also had superstar Akshay Kumar in the lead it was mostly about women scientists of India and was a big hit.

Based on that, Vidya recently expressed hope that in the years to come women-centric movies may become huge hits and earn 500-crore plus as times are changing. According to her today’s audience wants good content and is ready to accept organic and originality in the presentation even it comes from a female character.

Bollywood And Its Romantic Notions

From comparing fiancée to the moon to dream sequences and songs talking about “Do jism Ek Jaan” the Bollywood romance has been more sort of unrealistic and illusionary. Of late the focus has shifted from such illusions and dreams to a realistic approach. And the credit goes to today’s writers, directors, and stars.

Vidya Balan is very famous for speaking her heart out and making bold statements. When asked in an interview a couple of years ago by Karan Johar as to what are the misconceptions about women, the “No One Killed Jessica” actress openly said that women also want it, love it and enjoy it like men- it being sex. She has been the one to do unconventional roles and breaking the typical mold of Bollywood heroines of dancing with the hero and going around the trees.

So no one was surprised when during a recent interview this wife of Sidharth Roy Kapur said that Bollywood’s “Do Jism Ek Jaan” is just a notion which is not at all true. According to her, a person as a single is complete and when it comes to two bodies and one mind in the end only the man remains and the woman disappears.

But one thing is certain, a woman and talented actress like Vidya Balan can never live like a shadow of her man and will always make her presence felt.

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