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The Kapil Sharma Show last weekend invited the actors from B.R. Chopra's Mahabharata. Actors like  Nitish Bharadwaj (Krishna), Gajendra Chauhan (Yudhishthir), Puneet Issar (Duryudhan), Gufi Paintal (Shakuni), Arjun (Arjun) came on the show and shared their interesting tales. All these actors played prominent roles in the serial.

One more actor who also played a prominent character in Mahabharata was Mukesh Khanna. He played the role of Bhisma and he was almost there in the serial from start to the finish. So everyone expected him to be a part of The Kapil Sharma Show. But reports suggest that he was not invited which is why he was absent.

The Kapil Sharma Show Is Nonsense, Says Mukesh Khanna, Gajendra Chauhan Hits Back

Mukesh Khanna who was not a part of the episode that aired last weekend said that the show is nonsense. According to the actor who is also famous for playing the role of Shaktimaan he denied being a part of the show because it is a clumsy show. According to Mukesh, in the show, men dress up as women and perform vulgar acts.

While there has been no clarification or reply from Kapil Sharma or anyone from the show, Gajendra Chauhan has now hit back at his yesteryear's colleague. Chauhan stated, "It is wrong to call the show rubbish and clumsy. I think Mukesh Khanna is now feeling that the grapes are sour because he could not eat it. Millions of people watch this show and he calls it rubbish."

On Mukesh's comment that men dress up as women and dance on The Kapil Sharma Show, Chauhan said, "Even Arjun dressed up as a woman in Mahabharata. Then why did Mukesh continued with the serial? He should have left it."

Gajendra Chauhan further added, "Even if Mukesh says that he was invited on the show, I do not think he was invited. Gufi Paintal may have asked him to join them on the show but it was as a friend. That does not mean that Mukesh Khanna was invited by the producers of The Kapil Sharma Show."

The show has been inviting actors from old serials. Before Mahabharata, the actors from Ramayana were invited. This weekend, star cast from Hum Log will grace the couch of The Kapil Sharma Show at 9.30 pm on Sony Television.

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