Sangati Jogwar

Legendary singer Sukhwinder Singh was the special guest on The Kapil Sharma Show last night. And as expected, he mesmerized the audience, Kapil's team including Archana Puran Singh with his mellifluous and soulful singing. Sukhiji, as he is popularly called turned the comedy show into a musical concert with his renditions of Ramta Jogi, Nasha hi Nasha hai, and more of his songs.

He even narrated an incident that occurred during the recording of his famous song Layi vi na gayi from Chalte Chalte which is produced by Shah Rukh Khan. At the recording of this song, Shah Rukh who also played the lead in the movie was present.

After the recording got complete, when Sukhwinder looked at the superstar his eyes were moist. Such was the effect of that song and the soulful rendition of Sukhiji on SRK.

Sukhwinder Singh Dedicates A Beautiful Song To The Kapil Sharma Show's Team

The interaction between Sukhiji and the other comedians like Krushna Abhishek aka Sapna, Sumona aka Bhuri, and Kiku Sharda aka Baccha Yadav was entertaining as usual.

But what made the entire episode simply unforgettable was the musical tribute by the Omkara singer to the entire team of The Kapil Sharma Show.

The song 'Dilwala wohi hai jo logon ke dilon ko khush karta hai, woh banda khuda ka hota hai.'

Also, there is good news for The Kapil Sharma Show fans as Kapil yesterday announced that he will come up with 'behind the jokes with Kapil' very soon. As the title suggests it will include the fun and banter the stars engage in behind the scenes during the shoot.

The Kapil Sharma Show will next host famous choreographers Geeta Kapur, Terence Lewis, and Ganesh Acharya who will entertain the audience with masti, dance, and some funny interactions.

The Kapil Sharma Show airs every weekend at 9.30 pm on Sony Television.