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Sangati Jogwar

Bharti Singh plays an important role in the success of “The Kapil Sharma Show” that recently completed a year of this season. The talented actress portrays two characters of Titli and Bua on the show and both are equally entertaining. There is no doubt that Bharti is a very strong standup comedian and her presence gives a new high to every act.

Unfortunately, the actress may have to leave the show because of a controversial legal issue. According to reports, Bharti is facing cases in the courts of Ahmadabad and Punjab court. Apart from the famous standup comedian, the ‘mast mast’ girl Raveena Tandon, and famous choreographer and director Farha Khan are also allegedly been accused in these court cases.

Controversial Remark On ‘Back Benchers’

It so happened that all these three celebrities came together on a television show “Back Benchers“during the eve of Christmas. According to allegations when the entire world was celebrating the festival, these celebrities inappropriately joked about the respected word “Hallelujah” on the show. The word means remembering God or expressing happiness.

Although all these celebrities have legally and publicly accepted their mistake and asked for forgiveness, there are a few who are not ready to accept their plea. A social media user Andrew David has been circulating a petition on the internet demanding the removal of Bharti Singh from “The Kapil Sharma Show.” The petition is asking for 7,500 signatures in support of this demand. At present, only 7,167 people have signed it.

But the way Andrew is campaigning for the cause there is a strong possibility that he may get enough signatures in his support which can get Bharti Singh into trouble. Already “The Kapil Sharma Show” is struggling to stay among the top 10 shows in the TRP rankings. If for any reason Bharati Singh has to leave the show, the producers will have no option but to start hunting for a replacement.

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