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Sangati Jogwar

Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is one sitcom that never fails to bring a smile on the faces of its viewers. Every week, the production house comes up with something interesting that instigates laughter. This week Bagha dreams that Champak Chachaji aka Jethalal’s babuji falls and gets hurt. Now the record of Bagha’s dreams is such that most of them have come true. So when Bagha tells about his dream to Nattu kaka he advises him to immediately call Jethalal so that their sethji can take adequate measures and stop such an incidence from happening.

Incidentally, Jethalal has broken the spectacles of Champak chachaji and has also forgotten to repair another set of specs. So now chachaji cannot see anything and needs someone to accompany him so that he does not fall. When Bagha tells Jethalal about his dream, the latter decides to take it very seriously and sleeps with his father.

He even accompanies Chachaji to the park for a morning walk. But while jogging with Babitaji and Iyer in the park Jethalal loses the keys to his house. Here since Chachaji is left unattended, he falls thus hurting his waist and back. According to speculations, Bagha’s dream will come true and Chachaji will become bedridden.

Daya To Return For Chachaji?

Jethalal in the last few episodes has been mentioning how things in his life and the household are not working properly due to the absence of Daya. Now the latest rumors say that Disha Vakani aka Dayaben will be forced to return to Gokuldham from Ahmadabad to tend to bedridden Champak Chachaji who is her babuji aka father-in-law.

And thus, an iconic character will once again make an appearance in the serial after a break of more than two years. Now, how far these speculations are true will become clear in the next week as the episodes will slowly unveil the entire story.

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