Sunny Leone’s Prank Goes Wrong | WATCH

Sunny Leone, the Canadian-born Indian-American actress, has secured a remarkable position in the Indian film industry. Fans know well that Sunny Leone is a lively person and she strongly faces the trolls and often replies to shut down the haters. The social butterfly shares different posts to giggle her followers. Just a few hours back, she shared a funny prank video on her Instagram handle that certainly shows her mischievous side.

Sunny Leone captioned the video, “Prank epic FAIL !! My fake bloody hand was supposed to be scary and shocking! Didn’t end up that way at all!! @thehauterfly ”

In the video, Sunny is seen having discussions with her team about some project when she suddenly snuggled inside her handbag and dragged out something from the bag and threw it to the center.

Probably, Sunny was trying to scare and shock everyone in between the serious discussion. But her prank failed as none of the members got shocked. It was only laughter that filled the room following Sunny’s act.

Better luck next time, Sunny!