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Sangati Jogwar

Suhana Khan is the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan and that is currently the only reason why she is so famous. The girl is smart and knows how to attract followers and keeps on posting her latest pictures and videos on social media. Currently, she is studying filmmaking in New York City and soon is expected to make a debut in the Hindi film industry as she wants to be an actress.

Recent news, however, suggests that Suhana may not even have to wait for an Indian filmmaker to launch her. According to the news, the 19-year-old has auditioned for the role of Kamala Khan in Ms.Marvel, to be produced by the famous production house, Marvel.

Tweets related to this news went viral a couple of days ago, however, nothing is confirmed yet as it has not come directly from Suhana herself. But if she does get the role then most possibly this young daughter of Badshah Khan may directly get a launching pad in Hollywood which is quite great.

Suhana Khan & Her Resemblance To Shah Rukh

From his cute dimples to romantic style, youngsters in 90 have adored Shah Rukh Khan for everything that he did on the screen. His way of romancing with the actresses and bursts of high energy changed the way heroes romanced on the Indian silver screen. And Suhana Khan has been bestowed with the same charm.

Her resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan is always the topic of discussion on social media from her eyes to the dimples that are so famous. So, if SRK can make it big in Bollywood, Suhana can probably think of going a step further carving a career for herself in Hollywood.

Some time ago she even released a short movie on social media and Suhana was appreciated for both her looks and acting in that clip.

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