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Sangati Jogwar

Sonu Sood now has come forward to help people from flood-hit areas in Bihar to get employment. According to a recent update the actor offered jobs to around 250 people from the state. Chhapra is a place from Saran district in the state of Bihar. This year the floods washed outhouses, establishments, and livelihood of the locals.

Almost 250 families lost their homes while many others lost their jobs. When a man from this place asked for help from Sonu Sood, the actor replied promptly. He tweeted that now it is his responsibility to give jobs to these jobless people. He gathered these people, made jobs available for them. That is not all, he even asked them to refer their friends or anyone in connection who lost jobs recently. Within 5 days Sonu arranged jobs for all 250 family members in a big factory in Gujarat.


Sonu Sood Sent 200 Smartphones For Students From Chandigarh Govt School

A few days ago the Dabangg actor sent 200 smartphones for students studying in Dhanas, Chandigarh's government school. These students from secondary school were facing problems as they could not financially afford to buy a smartphone for studying online. Since due to the pandemic all the schools are currently conducting classes through online apps, poor students were not able to attend these classes.

When Sonu came to know about this plight of the students he immediately arranged for 200 smartphones for these students. A few days ago the actor announced a scholarship for underprivileged students. The scholarship is for the students who wish to pursue higher education after completing high school.

After helping hundreds of migrant workers reach home safely, Sonu Sood also made sure that Indians stuck abroad also receive help. He arranged several flights for the Indians so that they can get back from Manila, Philippines.


He even made travel arrangements for ailing children who could not travel to New Delhi for treatment during the pandemic.


Career-wise, Sonu Sood will next reunite with his Entertainment, Gabbar is Back and Singh Is Kinng co-star Akshay Kumar for Prithviraj.

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