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Sonakshi Sinha Arrested? Dabangg Actress Clarifies

Is the favourite actress of millions safe? Fans of Sonakshi Sinha are really concerned about her as the videos currently circulating on social media has left all confused as to what has really happened to her.

Is all well with the Dabangg actress? #SonakshiSinhaArrested and #AsliSonaArrested hashtags have taken the Twitter by storm. The said video gathered steam as in the video, it was purportedly seen that Sonakshi was handcuffed by a person.

While it is difficult to clearly understand what Sonakshi is saying in the video, a part of it sounds like, “You can’t arrest me like this. Do you know who I am? How can you arrest me like this?”

Meanwhile, putting all the speculations to rest, Sonakshi took to social media and wrote, “Hey guys, I know there are some concerning videos doing the rounds. It is me, but then that’s not the entire truth. I will share everything on detail with you all soon…”

The clarification from Sonakshi gives a sigh of relief to her fans with several guessing that it might be part of her some sort of ‘brand association’ or may be part of shooting of a movie. However, fans will have to wait till the actress comes up with a clear and concrete clarification on the issue.

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