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Shraddha Kapoor speaks on Prabhas marriage; qualities to be her husband


Hyderabad: Baahubali Prabhas and Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor will be seen sharing screen space in ‘Saaho’ which is a high octane action thriller. However, the important part of the project is Prabhas himself. It will be his first movie after the magnum opus Baahubali movies and fans are just going crazy about seeing him again on screen.

Since the first installment of Baahubali hit the screen, fans of Prabhas and his co-star and friend in the movie Anushka Shetty expressed their desire to see them as off-screen couple too. Soon, rumours also started making rounds and both Prabhas and Anushka had to come up and refute the rumours.

Meanwhile, marriage of Prabhas has become a national question as to when will the Darling tie the knot and importantly who will be the lucky her as we all know Prabhas is the most humble and down-to-earth person in the entire Indian film industry.

Recently, Shraddha Kapoor, during a media interaction, asked if she is aware of anything related to the marriage of her ‘Saahoi’ co-star Prabhas and what she said would disappoint but love by fans of the Rebel star too.

“I know nothing about his marriage. You have to ask him about it. He is most humble person in the industry and it was fabulous working with him… More than anything, he is a very nice person,” said the ‘Stree’ actress.

Moreover, when asked about the qualities she wants in her groom, she said, “It’s simple… Like all want, I also want a good-hearted person and more importantly you have to be that for the same person.”

‘Saaho’, Shraddha’s debut movie in the south Indian film industry, is likely to hit the theaters early next year.

Recently on Prabhas birthday on October 23, the makers of ‘Saaho’ had introduced a unique series of short videos titled ‘Shades of Saaho’.

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