Sangati Jogwar

Shahid Kapoor’s “Kabir Singh” has already faced a lot of flak earlier. And now there is yet another controversy or rather a discussion going around on social media. In the movie, Kapoor’s Kabir nicks his private part which many believe is a negative approach towards life.

In one of the tweets, the user asks as to why did the director showed Kabir acting in this destructive way? One of the answers is that Kabir did this to punish himself; another user says the makers showed this to indicate that the character is so broken that he cannot think straight and focus on his daily work. Another option is to show that Kabir wants to experience the pain Preeti was experiencing during her periods.

Now all these reactions also suggest that whatever Kabir is doing in the movie is to hurt him. Social media users want to know as to what was the need to show such a shot in the film as it may inspire fans of Kabir Singh to follow suit and can be dangerous at times.

Kabir Singh Inspired Murder, Now Will It Inspire Something Else?

Last month Ashwani Kashyap who used to post angry videos on TikTok and became very famous as TikTok Villain killed an air hostess as he was very obsessed with her. He already had killed two people before that. Unfortunately, the regular posts of Kashyap showed that he was highly inspired by the character of Shahid Kapoor from the movie “Kabir Singh.”

Kashyap also famous as Johnny Dada frequently used to repeat even the dialogues of Kabir Singh like “Jo mera nahi ho sakta, use kisi aur ke hone ka mauka nahi doonga.” Eventually, he did kill the air hostess. Now if someone gets inspired by the action of Kabir Singh of nicking his private part, it will be a very bad influence.