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Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh Inspires A Murder?

For Shahid Kapoor, “Kabir Singh” has been the biggest hit ever and has elevated his career to new heights. But socially, his character in the movie seems to have influenced some people negatively. The angry Ashwani Kashyap who is famous as the “TikTok Villain” allegedly killed three persons and an air hostess and also killed himself.

The incidence has triggered off discussions on social media regarding Kashyap’s “Kabir Singh” connect. It is because Kashyap who was also known as “Johnny Dada” often used to share images of Shahid Kapoor from his latest blockbuster and in one of his videos even repeated the dialogue from “Kabir Singh” movie that says, “Jo Mera Nahi ho sakta, use kisi aur ke hone ka mauka nahi doonga.”

Sandeep Vanga Refuses The Connect

The movie was a remake of the Telugu film “Arjun Reddy” in which Vijay Deverakonda played the lead role. Both the films were directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and naturally, social media is holding him responsible for coming up with such a flick that supports violence and abuse against women. However, Vanga has denied such claims saying that his films never endorse the killing of anyone.

The director clarified that neither Kabir Singh nor Arjun Reddy ever supported murder. The filmmaker believes that the problem is with the people having psychological issues. These people who are mentally disturbed more often look up to such characters that match their feelings.

According to Vanga, Shahid Kapoor’s character in “Kabir Singh” does not harm anyone but is a self-destructive person. Although Vanga did explain his point of view when almost a month ago Shahid Kapoor was asked the same query instead of taking it seriously, the father-of-two had mocked the host which was why he was slammed by many users.

As per reports, Kashyap murdered a Dubai-based flight attendant, Nitika Sharma who was to get married at the end of this year. Kashyap was obsessed with Nitika and had already murdered three people in Uttar Pradesh before killing Nitika.

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