Shah Rukh Khan’s Boyfriend Choosing Tips To Suhana Khan [Watch]

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have always been quite open when it comes to bringing up their three children, Aaryan, Suhana, and AbRam Khan. Now Suhana has gone to New York City for her further studies. The beautiful girl is very active on social media and keeps on sharing her latest activities and pictures.

There have been rumors that Suhana will soon debut in Bollywood and is eager to become an actress. Her training in NYC is also related to acting and film production.

But is dad Shah Rukh Khan worried about the boys Suhana gets closer too?

Shah Rukh Gives Boyfriend Choosing Tips To Suhana

Just like any other father the “Baazigar” of Bollywood also wants his daughter to be very careful while choosing her boyfriends and the men who will be befriending her. Some time ago, the actor gave some funny but meaningful tips to Suhana. Over the years, Shah Rukh has played some filmy romantic characters on the silver screen of which Rahul and Raj became quite popular. These characters are so romantic that Shah Rukh Khan became the dream of every girl in those days.

But when it comes to his daughter the “My Name Is Khan” actor does not want Suhana to get involved with a guy who is similar to Rahul or Raj. In one of the videos, the actor is seen warning his daughter to stay away from such guys who behave like Rahul or Raj. He even said that if a boy behaves similar to these onscreen characters just slap them hard.

Shah Rukh also made it clear that to make the role more attractive on the screen he adds the element of innocence to it. But in real life, it may not work. The Red Chillies Entertainment owner also made it clear that he does not like these characters himself and if opens his arms similar to Raj or Rahul in front of his wife Gauri she will throw him out.