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Pradeep Singh

Bhubaneswar/Mumbai: Are Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt really in love? Will they walk down the aisle this year? These are of course questions making the rounds and that the millions of fans of the duo want to be answered. Even though none of them has made his/her relationship official, love can definitely be seen in the air.

Meanwhile, father of Ranbir Rishi Kapoor thinks the ‘Sanju’ star should marry now and the time has come for the same. The ‘102 Not Out’ star also said that Ranbir should devote much time to his personal life.


In an interview with Mid-Day when Rishi was asked about Ranbir’s marriage, he said:

“It is high time he got married. I settled down when I was 27, Ranbir is 35. So he should think about marriage. He can marry anyone of his choice; we don’t have any objection to it. I want to spend time with my grandchildren before I am gone.”

He further said, “I haven’t been vocal about it, but my wife (Neetu Kapoor) keeps bringing it up with him and he just brushes the question away. Whenever he is ready for it, we will be happy. Our happiness lies in his happiness, after all.”

Besides, earlier Rishi had hinted at Ranbir and Alia’s relationship by saying, “Jo hai woh hai, sabko pata hai. I don’t need to say anything more.”

For the time being, fans can all do is to wait till the Brahmastra stars opens up and make the announcement.

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