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Prabhas was already a big star when he was selected by  SS Rajamouli for Baahubali. But post portraying the larger than life roles of Amarendra and Mahendra Baahubali now the Rebel actor has become a superstar with a pan India following. The famous South Indian director had said that Baahubali was impossible without Prabhas.

Now Om Raut, the director of Adipurush has also voiced out the same feelings. During a recent interview, the Tanhanji fame director revealed why for him the Saaho actor was the first choice as Ram.

Prabhas Eyes Are Purest and Reflect the Heart-Om Raut

Adipurush is going to be a pan India movie and is all set to release in 5 languages. While Om Raut never imagined making Tanhaji or Adipurush as a pan-India movie, he did start imagining Prabhas as Ram when he started scripting Adipurush.  Om said, "While writing Adipurush I had Prabhas' image in my mind. I kind of started writing keeping that image in mind. And he said yes and liked the part and narrative."

He further said, "I am blessed to have Ajay Devgn and Prabhas as lead heroes in my film as both of them have purest eyes, a direct reflection of the heart. I would not have made Adipurush if Prabhas was not in it. I am being honest. I am blessed that he is in it. I am blessed that he liked my subject, my narrative. That he accepted to do Adipurush is a big deal to me as a maker."

Discussing how Prabhas will be developing an archer body, Om said, "Archers have a different physical structure. Shoulders and arms tend to get bigger. It's a typical V shape and a little bit of modification because of the wings. So that is the type of structure I'm going for Prabhas. He should look like a man who is the greatest archer in the country. He is working very hard towards it."

Saif Ali Khan's statement on how Adipurush will show the humane side of Ravan and justify his abduction of Sita caused a lot of uproar on social media that forced him to come up with an apology. While discussing the controversy Om Raut said, "As a writer-director, you want to be protective. I would rather have my piece of art do the speaking versus being in the limelight before its release. It is definitely something we do not want."

However, Om further said that he would like to stick to the apology of Saif Ali Khan and would not like to drag the controversy further.


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