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Poonam Pandey Sultry Video Triggers Wild Imaginations

Poonam Pandey is always sharing her sexy pictures and videos on social media which has made her extremely popular among the netizens. Her hilarious takes on controversial issues also make her so popular.

Recently, the reality show star and television actress posted a sultry video that leaves very little for the imagination.

Although Poonam is fully dressed her actions are quite inviting and enough to trigger sexy imaginations. The video has been shot on a flight and the actress can be seen teasing her fans in a muggier way which many thought is too much. But then when it comes to Poonam Pandey nothing is off-limit.

She has even captioned the video, “Back tonight! Wait for the video.” Actually what she has shared on social media is a sneak peek of video on her YouTube channel. In the video, she is seen enjoying her actions in a sultry way.


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Back tonight! Wait for the video 😉

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Hot Photos Are Poonam Pandey’s Ticket To Popularity

The glamorous Indian model and film actress is also quite popular as an erotic artist and has worked in both Telugu and Hindi cinema but first starting her career as a model. She owes her popularity to social media posts where she regularly updates her latest body-revealing photographs clicked in a sexy way.

She attracted spotlight when Poonam Pandey promised to drop all her clothes if the Indian cricket team won the world cup in 2011. India did win the world cup but the sultry actress could not fulfill her promise because there was strong disapproval from the public. She even claimed that the Board of Cricket for Cricket in India did not permit her. But she stripped naked personally in the night at the Wankhede Stadium where India lifted the world cup and posted its video on her mobile app.

She even posed nude the next year in 2012 to celebrate the win of Kolkata Night Riders in IPL 5.

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