Devbrat Patnaik

Bhubaneswar/Mumbai: Comedy Kings Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are the real reasons behind spreading million smiles with their comedy shows and the performances they put in as a team. But of late, controversies engulfed their lives so much that both parted ways to start separate shows.

However, on this Friendship Day, we have something to cheer for as fans may soon see them back as a unit and as friends for life by dumping past bitterness.

Recently, Sunil Grover posted a tweet saying, “Thank you Kapil ji. You made the birthday so special that year And you are so special to me always.”

However, the Kapil he referred to was Kapil Kumria, Chairman & Managing Director - Corporate Alliance Group and the Founder Board of United Way India & Delhi Chapter.

We then peek into Kapil Sharma’s twitter handle, where he has retweeted a post of the same person- Kapil Kumria.

Kapil Sunil together again

Though there is no confirmation from the actors, we are awaiting a twist in the tale as millions are desperate to see them back in one show. We also wait to see if Kapil Kumria is the bridge between the two actors and the one who takes the responsibility to bring back Bittu and Mashoor Gulati together.

In April, Kapil made headlines drawing bad press when an audio call in which he is heard hurling abuses at a journalist, was made public. Many of his fans were shocked to see this side of their favourite entertainer.

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Last year, Kapil had a mid-air fight with his colleague, comedian Sunil Grover. The fight led to a widely talked about controversy, after which they parted ways professionally from "Comedy Nights With Kapil" which had brought both of them unprecedented fame.

Kapil also featured in films, but then returned to television with his new show "Family Time With Kapil Sharma", which didn't get the expected response. The show went off air after only two episodes, soon after the controversy with the journalist broke.