Devbrat Patnaik

No doubt, actor-comedian Kapil Sharma and his TKSS co-star Sumona Chakravarti had a great time at Arunachal Pradesh during the recent Tawang Festival. Hosting many beautiful pictures on social media, Sumona had thanked Kapil for the amazing trip. But Kapil is Kapil and he doesn't miss out on any opportunity to make hilarious comments at Sumona.

The Kapil Sharma Show has been a super-hit and Sumona Chakravarti aka Bhuri has been a part of the show since the beginning. She has hardly failed to entertain fans with her comedy timings and spontaneous puns. And she equally enjoys the comic-assault Kapil does with her in front of the celebrity guests and audiences.

And there is this one thing - 'Sumona's Big Lips', which Kapil Sharma doesn't forget to mention in any episode.

Even today on Children's day when Sumona shared her childhood pic on Twitter, Kapil instead of appreciating little Sumona's cuteness, decided to comment on her face and lips.

Here's how Kapil Sharma reacted spontaneously.

ROFL. We know Kapil did not mean what he said, but that was quite funny. That's how he shares the bond with Sumona.