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Sangati Jogwar

Nusrat Jahan off late has come under a lot of flak for following Hindu traditions in public. The actress turned politician married Nikhil Jain, a Hindu and is often seen wearing sindoor and mangalsutra which triggered a lot of comments against her. But when the actress was seen doing Durga puja during the Navaratri celebrations followed by indulging in sindoor khela, the Islamic clerics were livid and slammed her for the act.

But this did not deter Nusrat Jahan from following what she believed in. She slammed the trollers who tried to create controversy by calling her act being against Islamic norms. The actress even received a death threat but went ahead with whatever she believed in.


Nusrat Jahan Celebrates Karwa Chauth With Hubby

Her pictures of Karwa Chauth with Nikhil Jain are now out wherein Nusrat Jahan is seen wearing traditional red pallu, sindoor and drinking water at the hands of her husband. The pictures have already flooded the internet so it would be important to see how the Islamic clerics react to this act of the TMC MP who seems to be following the Karwa Chauth tradition quite lovingly just like any other Hindu bride.

The actress has already called herself a special child of God for who love and humanity is more important and nothing else matters. Nusrat Jahan has also said that she respects all religions and humanity. For her secularist views, she has received both appreciation and criticism. But many social media users also believe that instead of focusing on all these things, people from the state should see how she is going to contribute as a TMC lawmaker.

Many users have questioned when Nusrat and her friend Mimi Chakraborty are going to start work as MP and contribute to the society for which they have been elected by the people.

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