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Sangati Jogwar

Nusrat Jahan has always been in limelight first for her acting and then for getting elected as a TMC MP in elections. But controversies started stirring up against her after she married a Hindu businessman Nikhil Jain and even started wearing sindoor and mangalsutra much to the disgust of the Islamic clerics.

In the past few days, she has been slammed repeatedly by the Islamic heads for following Hindu traditions despite being a Muslim. But now it seems things have started going way beyond just allegations and slamming. Some of the social media users are coming out with threats like Nusrat Jahan should be killed for embracing Hindu traditions which are against Islamic rules.

Nusrat Jahan Sindoor Khela And Durga Pooja

Recently the actress turned politician participated in Durga Puja during Navratri celebrations and also enjoyed the Sindoor Khela in which the women offer sindoor to the goddess and then play with each other. It is a traditional Hindu ritual followed by the worshippers of the goddess. But very rarely a Muslim personality is seen enjoying it.

Nusrat Jahan openly followed and enjoyed the tradition which has irked the Islamic clerics. While replying to the remarks, the actress said that she follows all the traditions in India because she is God’s special child and hence will not make any discrimination between religions.

An Islamic cleric from Uttar Pradesh slammed Nusrat Jahan saying, "This is nothing new. She has been offering puja to Hindu Gods despite the fact that Islam orders its followers to pray only to Allah. What she has done is 'haram' (sinful. She had also married outside religion. She should change her name and religion. Islam doesn't need people who assume Muslim names and defame Islam and Muslims."

Things are going too far now that a social media user have said that Nusrat Jahan should be killed. There is a strong possibility that many people out there support his thought but have refrained from expressing it publicly. So supporters of the TMC political leader believe that she must get adequate protection or else her life can be in danger.

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