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Sangati Jogwar

Nora Fatehi is the latest Bollywood’s item girl whose every song is bound to attract millions of views. Her graceful dancing and beautiful face are enough to ensure that the song becomes a big hit. Nora has a special style of dancing which looks very easy and fluid but there is a hard work behind that smooth transition from one difficult move to the other.

Her song “Kamariya” was a big hit and made Nora Fatehi an undisputed queen of item song dancing. But now the same song has become viral in the Garam Dharam style. The video is quite hilarious and shows B-town superstar of yesteryear Dharmendra grooving to Nora’s “Kamariya.” The entire sequence is from an old song from the black and white era in which a young and handsome Dharmendra is convincing his heroine. But with the “Kamariya” audio track the entire sequence looks quite funny and interesting and within a short time has become very famous on social media.


Growing Popularity Of Nora Fatehi

In the last couple of years, the popularity of Nora Fatehi in Bollywood has soared beyond imagination. Today she is the leading B-town dancer who is often invited to various events and shows for dancing. The actress is also popular on the internet as she keeps on sharing her mind-blowing dancing moves and pictures that never fail to attract users.

Recently, the most popular face in Bollywood was in Agadir, Morocco to perform live at the La Tolerance concert. The gorgeous dancer known for her scintillating moves on the dance floor this time showcased her singing talent alongside Fnaire and the audience could not stop cheering and whistling on her performance.

Nora even shared a few pictures from the show on her Instagram account. In one of the photographs, she is seen in a pink outfit on stage with a mike in her hand whereas in other photographs Nora is wearing a white top and white skirt with blueprints accompanied by her crew members.

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