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It is very upsetting for fans, when their favorite actor is replaced in a successful Bollywood sequel. While sometimes it works, most of the time, the film tanks at the box office as it couldn’t replicate the flavour of the original film. Let's take a look:

1. Kartik Aaryan replaced Akshay Kumar (Hera Pheri 3)

After the news surfaced that Kartik Aaryan would replace Akshay Kumar in Hera Pheri’s sequel, the internet went berserk. Despite the fact that the film hasn't yet been released, many thought the film would lose its flavour without the original cast. Many thought Kartik Aaryan is a good actor, but when it comes to comedy he is not as good as Akshay!

2. Akshay Kumar replaced Arshad Warsi (Jolly LLB 2)

It cannot be denied that Arshad Warsi's determination contributed to Jolly LL.B's massive fan following. Therefore, the makers disappointed many fans when they announced a sequel featuring Akshay Kumar. Fans weren't impressed with the unrealistic storyline of the one-man show as well.

3. John Abraham replaced Akshay Kumar (Welcome Back)

It was disappointing that the welcome sequel was not even half as entertaining as the original with Akshay replaced. Many fans expressed disappointment that the sequel didn't have the same vibe as the original film. John Abraham is not as good at comedy as Akshay.

4. Akshay Kumar replaced Emraan Hashmi (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara)

Having gained a lot of love from the audience for his role in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Emraan Hashmi was replaced by Akshay Kumar, which didn't make much sense to many people. The makers probably regretted their decision after the film tanked at the box office.

5. Randeep Hooda replaced Emraan Hashmi (Murder 3)

The third part of the Murder franchise was not up to the mark. The sequel lost the flavour of the original when Emraan Hashmi was replaced with Randeep Hooda. Fans were disappointed with the switch as Emraan was the face of the film franchise.

Let’s see if this thing still continues in Bollywood, and if it does, then the replacement will be able to continue its vibe.