Cassian Baliarsingh

Ollywood heartthrob Babushaan Mohanty on Friday jetted off to Mumbai for the dubbing of his latest flick ‘Daman’ which is roaring high at the box office.

The movie, based on the struggle of a doctor to make the tribal-dominated district of Malkangiri free from Malaria, is winning accolades across Odisha. The movie is now one of the highest IMDb rated movies of Odia film industry. 

Released on November 4, the film is doing wonders in Odisha and other states too.

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Meanwhile, Daman is making records as it will be one of the most loved Odia movie to be dubbed and released in Hindi.

Speaking to the media at Bhubaneswar airport, Babushaan said, “I’m very excited and happy. I express my gratitude to all the audience, all Odia people, NROs and others who have watched the movie and loved it. It is because of them, the movie has reached the place where it is today. They have helped us represent our film on the National podium.”

“I’m blessed to represent our language, our culture at the National level. This has all been possible for all the Odia people. I’m going to dub the movie in Hindi. The movie is going to be released in 400-500 theatres,” he added. 

Further speaking on the possible change in the movie to add to the taste of the Hindu audience, Babushaan said, “The movie will be as it is. The language will only be dubbed into Hindi and the songs will be added as per the taste of the Hindi audience. This is such a huge milestone for us. This is a good step for our film industry. We had only dreamt of it and it is finally turning true,” he concluded.

The biographical social drama film written and directed by Debi Prasad Lenka and Vishal Mourya portrays a doctor’s relentless fight against superstitious and struggle to make tribal people aware of Malaria in the inaccessible areas of Malkangiri district.

The movie is based on the real life accounts of Dr. Omkar Hota, who saved hundreds of lives in Malkangiri. 

The ‘Super Micchua’ star was accompanied by his wife Trupti who was recently in the news for her controversy with Odia actress Prakruti Mishra.