Basyukta Basuprava

After two years, the wait for the most anticipated series sequel Mirzapur was finally over when the show dropped in 2020. However, just like the show ended on a cliff hanger with fans anticipating what is going to happen next after Mirzapur season one, season two also left the fans on the edge of their seats. Now the series has been renewed for a new season and fans can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to their favourite characters this time.

Season 2 ended on a high note that left fans shocked as Guddu Pandit finally getting his revenge by killing Munna Tripathy. While Kaleen Bhaiya was also left injured, he was saved by Sharad Shukla. Interesting, Guddu and Beena don’t yet know that Kaleen Bhaiya is alive so his life is in danger.

Earlier as it wasn’t confirmed if the season will be renewed for a new season, fans were constantly asking the makers whether they would be able to see their favourite characters back in action. Recently, everyone’s favourite Golu aka Shweta Tripathi took to Instagram to confirm that Mirzapur will be back with season 3. The news came as a delight to all the fans who are intrigued to find out what will happen to the fate of Guddu and Kaleen Bhaiya.

While many fans have come up with different theories, one of the most popular theory is that Kaleen Bhaiya will join hands with Sharad Shukla to get back the throne of Mirzapur again. This will mean that Beena’s life will be in danger and Guddu will have to come with new strategies to defeat the new alliances against him.

For the uninitiated, Guddu won over the throne of Mirzapur by defeating the powerful Tripathi family. However, he promised Beena that he will pass on the throne to her child when he grows up, in exchange Beena helped Guddu in taking down Kaleen Bhaiya and Munna.