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Famous singer Mika Singh turned producer with a web show Dangerous. It stars Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover in the lead. Incidentally, he does not seem to be happy about his experience as a producer. That is why, in a recent interview the singer clearly stated, "I don’t like to fool anyone. I just work. I will again produce a film but will probably get top actors or newcomers next time. It is very difficult to handle those at the middle-level."

Mika Singh Reveals Issues That He Faced Being Producer of Dangerous

As a producer Dangerous is the first production of Mika. In a recent interview, the singer revealed how he had to rush to London from Mumbai when there was a crisis during the shooting. The singer said that his main motive behind entering into production is to help young and talented artists from both film and music fraternity.

But it was quite tough for Mika to be a producer. Since he did not want a big-budget movie he decided to cast Karan Singh Grover in the movie. Bipasha Basu wanted to work alongside her husband and hence she came on the board. But Mika Singh did not expect the scene that Bipasha created one day on the sets.

Mika says, "On the first day in London, Bipasha didn’t have her breakfast. I think she forgot and she straightaway went to the sets. She is a person who follows a strict diet. When she didn’t get to eat anything, she started shouting at everyone on the first day on the sets. I was in India at the time. I got a phone call about the matter. I have spent money so I was a bit tense. Somehow, I managed to get things under control."

Also despite arranging for five-star facilities, his director Bhushan Patel kept on complaining about not getting butter chicken. That is when he flew to London and took the matters in his hand.

I'm a Bigger Star Than All of Them, Says Mika

After all this experience Mika Singh believes that he is a much bigger star than all of those who were a part of Dangerous. But he also learned a lesson with this experience. Mika says, "Everyone gets a chance in Mumbai. I was not even a good singer but I got a chance. I don’t think there is any Mumbai gang. You take the examples of Guru Randhawa, Honey Singh, Badshah, B Praak -- everybody has achieved success."

Apart from turning producer with Dangerous Mika Singh also did two songs during lockdown-Quarantine Love and the iconic Tum jo mil gaye ho of Rafi. He was also busy working with his NGO-Divine Touch helping the needy by providing food, sanitizers and face masks.