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Sangati Jogwar

“Mere Dad Ki Dulhan” on Sony Entertainment Television is attracting attention for a lot of things. First, the Big Boss winner and television star Shweta Tiwari is returning to the silver screen after a long hiatus. The casting of Shweta and Varun Badola-two very good actors together is enough to generate interest. Moreover, the story angle that involves loneliness of a widower and his daughter looking for a wife for her dad also is quite interesting.

Guneet & Amber To Have Their First Conversation

“Mere Dad Ki Dulhan” is a drama that stars Anjali Tatrari as Niya Sharma, the daughter of a single father Amber played by Varun Badola. Niya realizes the loneliness of her father and starts looking out for a partner for him. Niya is very good at her work and is known for making dating apps. Her boss is in love with her and due to her good work, Niya has been offered the opportunity to go to the US.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see Niya preparing to go to California while Amber plans to go to Dr. Pandey for routine health checkups. Just because Niya fails to show up for a dinner date with her father earlier, both of them decide to go on a movie date.

In between Niya meets Guneet aka Shweta Tiwari who gets cheated on social media by a fake person. Like an independent woman, Niya advises Guneet to go to the police station and register a complaint against that person. The boss of Niya, Kabir scolds her for this after which Niya stops Guneet from going to the police station.

Later on when Guneet calls Niya on her phone, Amber picks it up and this is how these two lead stars of the show will have their first conversation. Will Niya see a good partner for her father in Guneet or there will be more twists and turns before Amber and Guneet know each other better?

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