Sangati Jogwar

Today is Dhanteras. And the social media is celebrating this special Diwali day by trending goddess Lakshmi. From wishing everyone Happy Diwali to sharing memes, the Twitter community is thoroughly enjoying this discussion on the social media platform.

Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth. That is why almost everyone who believes in the Hindu religion will make sure that something special is purchased today to be worshipped on Lakshmi Puja tomorrow. A user shared a funny meme of Paresh Rawal and captioned it, "On Diwali you'll find the staunchest atheists worshipping Goddess Lakshmi because...bilkul ricks nahi lene ka."

In reply, another user said, "Sahi hai.. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai.. Have a hopeful Diwali."

Famous Indian Mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik Asks a Relevant Question on Lakshmi

Famous Indian mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik seems to wonder why people seem to neglect Goddess Saraswati and only favor Lakshmi. In his Twitter post, the author of many books based on mythology wrote, "Why does an unlearned rich and powerful man see himself as superior to a poor and powerless learned man? ....why has post-industrial society made wealth/power the measure of "success" and rejected "learning" ?.... why is Saraswati so rejected unless she enables Lakshmi/Durga?"

To this, a user replied, "If we keep chasing Lakshmi, she may never oblige but if we go & sit with Saraswati and please her, we may find Lakshmi right there. -- Strive for Knowledge, Endure the Pain."

From Goddess Lakshmi made from wood to her painting in saree, netizens shared multiple pictures and images of the goddess of wealth.

A few pledged to use only Indian products this Diwali and support Narendra Modi's Local4Diwali campaign. A user wrote, "This Diwali we will worship "Lakshmi Mata" with Indian made products so that our country can be blessed with prosperity. If you are using Chinese products then you are actually passing the blessings of "Lakshmi Mata" to China. Think!"

Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar discussed how inner purity can help all to lead a good life. He wrote, "Lakshmi (Abundance) comes where there is inner and outer purity. Inner purity comes with Meditation and Pranayama. Happy Dhanteras!"

Many others wished Happy Diwali and Happy Dhanteras.