Sangati Jogwar

“Kundali Bhagya” continues to rule the Hindi television screen topping the TRP’s week after week. And its major credit goes to the story writers who bring out something interesting or introduce a serious twist every week that leaves the audience guessing and waiting earnestly for the next episode to air.

Currently, the show’s story is revealing different changes in the life of the lead pair Karan and Preeta. In the previous episode, Preeta reveals to Srishti that she is in the Luthra House. But in the same instance, she overhears her mother’s voice on the phone. Preeta immediately covers up saying that she was joking and that she is actually at a different place.

Karan And Mahira’s Marriage News Makes Preeta Angry

Preeta overhears that Mahira is gearing up to marry Karan and she becomes extremely angry. Now when Mahira and Preeta come in contact, Mahira feels that Preeta is way different from what others think and she indeed is a very nice person. At the same time, Kareena tells Mahira to take the place of Preeta in Karan’s life.

She even warns Mahira that if she will not do it somebody soon will take the place of Preeta in the life of Karan. In the upcoming episode, Sherlyn will be shown in the room of Mahesh. Sherlyn reveals that she intends to remind the whole Luthra House and especially Karan that it was because of Preeta that Mahesh has gone into a coma.

All this is a plan of Sherlyn to get her hands on the property papers. Elsewhere, Preeta will keep fast for Karan and Srishti will come to know about it. But Preeta will take a promise from Srishti not to tell it to Karan and also that he was the one who broke her fast.

Now if Srishti divulges all this to Karan, naturally he will come closer to Preeta. But will Srishti take this step in the upcoming episode of “Kundali Bhagya?”

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