Sangati Jogwar

“Kundali Bhagya” continues to maintain its top TRP even though the makers are still not fulfilling what the audience wants to see. Every fan of the show now wants to see Karan and Preeta come together and that their misunderstanding should get resolved. But instead of that, now Karan is being pressurized to enter into a second marriage. These twists and turns have ensured that audiences keep on returning to the show every evening to check how things are changing between Karan and Preeta.

Preeta To Receive Support From Rakhi Aunty?

Now everyone is aware that Preeta is already married to Karan. But it is also true that Karan married Preeta by cheating her to fulfill his revenge. To convince upset Preeta, Karan even asks for her hand in front of all the guests in the marriage mandap. Karan also promises that he will ensure that they are always happy and together.

But now Karan has forgotten all these promises. He has almost disowned Preeta. To top it all, the Luthra family is now preparing Karan to get married for the second time and all the members from the family are doing their bit to convince Karan by hook or crook. Leading the bandwagon is none other than Kareena aunty who does not want Karan to have any linkup with Preeta.

However, Rakhi aunty is not ready to accept Karan’s second marriage. Rather she is very much confused by the new developments on “Kundali Bhagya.” Rakhi aunty does not want Karan to marry the second time but everyone in the Luthra family is pressurizing her.

Elsewhere, Kareena aunty tells Preeta that since Karan does not consider her his wife she should remove sindoor of his name. But Preeta is quite adamant and says that she considers Karan as her husband and will continue to do so until her last breath. Now only Rakhi aunty and Preeta are the two people who do not want Karan to marry again. Will Rakhi aunty muster courage and support Preeta in stopping Karan’s second marriage?