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Sangati Jogwar

“Kundali Bhagya” is currently going through a lot of upheavals. Despite both Preeta and Karan deeply loving each other, there has developed a complicated misunderstanding between both of them. And like always some people are just waiting to create more rift and hatred between them. This time it is going to be bua who will ensure that Karan stays away from Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya’s Upcoming Twists And Turns

Misunderstandings have always been a regular part of all the soap operas on the Hindi television screen. And “Kundali Bhagya” is no different. But it also ensures good TRP and keeps the audience glued to the screen, keeping them interested all through the week with spoilers and previews. In the current drama, Preeta’s life is going through a roller-coaster ride.

Karan on whom she bestowed all her love and trust has now suddenly turned against her and become a foe. He has duped Preeta and then others are very eager to induce poison in the minds of Karan against Preeta. Karan’s bua does not want that the differences between Preeta and Karan should be sorted off and hence is poisoning the latter’s mind with false allegations against Preeta.

To further ensure that these two lovers do not meet the enemy clan has devised a secret plan that will unfold in front of the audience very soon in the upcoming episodes. Bua proposes marriage for Karan so that he can come out of the shock of getting separated from Preeta. After all, no one considers the marriage between Karan and Preeta to be real.

Now in real Karan loves Preeta but his mind has been so much poisoned against her that he is burning with the desire to take revenge. Also, Preeta’s marriage is being planned with Rishabh, the brother of Karan. The things are going a lot haywire in both Preeta and Karan’s life and by the time they discover their true feelings for each other their life will be destroyed completely.

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