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Sangati Jogwar

“Kundali Bhagya” is currently high on emotions, drama, and romance. Finally, Karan has managed to understand the true nature of Preeta and has accepted his love for her. Despite the accusation of Preeta trying to kill Mahira, he does not consider her the culprit. Instead, he goes to the police station to free her from jail. There he comes to know that Rishab has already paid for the bail and Preeta is out.

Rishab also tells Karan to follow his heart and even scolds everyone in the family for not helping Preeta. Now in the upcoming episode, Sherlyn will be shocked when Mahira tells her that Preeta is out and free. This disturbs Sherlyn who thought that with Preeta in jail everything will work their way. But now they will have to think of something new to get Preeta out of the way.

Will Mahira And Sherlyn Hack A Plot To Kill Preeta?

In “Kundali Bhagya” both Sherlyn and Mahira want Preeta away from Karan and the Luthra House. Now their plan to keep Preeta has failed. Moreover, Karan has also started believing in Preeta and very soon may accept her back in his life. The duo also fears that if this positive track for Preeta continues Karan and Rishab, as well as everyone in the Luthra family, will eventually come to know that it was Sherlin and Mahira who were plotting against Preeta.

So chances are that in the upcoming episode with the circumstances going against them, Sherlin and Mahira will decide to take a dire step and that of killing Preeta, getting her out of the way for ever. These two girls are now desperate to ensure that Preeta stays away from Karan and also their evil activities do not come to the forefront.

Now it needs to be seen what Sherlin and Mahira will do in the upcoming episodes of “Kundali Bhagya” to keep Preeta getting close to Karan and the Luthra household.


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