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Sangati Jogwar

In the earlier episode of “Kundali Bhagya”, Sherlyn’s evil plan was seen working as Dadi falls after Sherlyn purposely drops oil on the stairs. When Mahira comes to know about it she decides to reveal this crime of Sherlyn in front of everyone. The latter desperately tries to convince Mahira so that she agrees to come on her side. But initially, Sherlyn fails to make an impact on Mahira who intends to tell the truth to her family.

Elsewhere in “Kundali Bhagya” when Rishabh could not find a doctor for Dadi he calls Preeta and seeks her help. When Mahira sees Karan and Rakhi praising Preeta her mind changes and she decides not to tell her family anything about Sherlyn’s misdoings.

Preeta In Luthra House, Karan Do Not Want Her To Go?

When Preeta is asked to come to Luthra House to help Dadi, she agrees and asks Sarla for help but the latter refuses. Sarla does not want Preeta to go to the Luthras as she fears that the Luthra family will once again humiliate her. When Mahira sees Karan praising Preeta she becomes extremely jealous and joins hands with Sherlyn. Rakhi tries to console her but Mahira is in no mood to listen.

Now Preeta takes the responsibility of caring for Dadi and enters the Luthra House. Seeing Preeta back in the same house where earlier their love blossomed Karan becomes nostalgic and emotional. He does not want Preeta to leave the house. But there are people around him who do not want Karan to be happy or at least not with Preeta by his side.

Sherlyn with support from Mahira will plan in the upcoming episodes of “Kundali Bhagya” to belittle Preeta. But now it seems Karan has no doubt about Preeta in his mind and all the schemes and traps by the evil-minded will fail to poison his views about Preeta. So will Karan finally speak his heart out and stop Preeta from leaving Luthra House?

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