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Sangati Jogwar

In “Kundali Bhagya” Preeta is in jail and Karan has decided to get her out. Despite Preeta telling Sarla about Karan’s decision, the latter does not believe Karan’s words and instead puts a call to Shristi and asks her to find out what is exactly going on in Karan’s mind through Sammy. Elsewhere, Karan is very angry with Sherlyn and asks Rishabh not to apologize to her. However, Rishabh does not want to make the matter problematic and takes away Karan so that no one comments on Karan’s behaviour.

By a lot of pleading and request, Rakhi and Kareena finally manage to bring Sherlyn back to Luthra's house. While Sherlyn is coming up with her new tactics, Sammy reveals to Shristi that Karan is indeed interested in helping Preeta to come out of jail. This somehow puts Sarla’s heart at ease that is ardently waiting for the release of Preeta.

Sherlyn Threatens Mahesh?

While Rishabh, Sammy, and Karan are discussing a plan on how to release Preeta Mahira manages to overhear it and gets very upset. Now back at the Luthra House Sherlyn, as usual, is trying to come up with her antics of threatening and killing. In the upcoming episode of “Kundali Bhagya”, she will come to know from Mahira about Karan’s intention to release Preeta. It will make her very angry.

She then visits the room where Karan’s father Mahesh is being kept. Sherlyn was the one who caused the accident of Mahesh and now he is in a coma. While sitting inside this room, she aggressively talks to Mahesh saying that if Karan does not mend his ways and continues to mess up with her or bring obstacles in her plan, he too will end up in a coma similar to Mahesh.

Karan is entirely unaware of the fact that it was Prithvi and Sherlyn who plotted the plan of killing Mahesh in an accident. In her angry mood, Sherlyn visits Preeta in jail. What will she talk with Preeta? Will she be able to stop Karan from getting Preeta out?

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