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Sangati Jogwar

Kundali Bhagya’ is the love story of Karan and Preeta who go through lots of ups and downs and despite being in love and marrying each other fail to live happily together. In the current phase, both Karan and Preeta are at loggerheads and have turned against each other. Of course, some people want them to become one and then there are a few characters like Prithvi and Sherlyn who just keep on doing malicious activities so that Karan and Preeta always misunderstand each other.

Will Prithvi’s Cheating Help Preeta To Come Near Karan?

The current scenario in “Kundali Bhagya” is such that Karan hates Preeta and vice-versa even though in their heart they have a love for each other. After Karan refuses to accept his wedding with Preeta, the latter join a cricket club office for work. Incidentally, this is where Karan also comes for playing and meets Preeta in the locker room.

Sherlyn sees Karan and Preeta’s hands touching each other and thinks that the two are coming nearer. The real fact is however that neither of the two is in the mood to call it a truce and are not happy to see the other at the club. But Sherlyn panics and immediately calls Prithvi saying that things are getting out of control and that Preeta and Karan are back together.

Prithvi does not believe her because he is confident that the poison he has introduced in the relationship of this lead pair of the show will destroy their relationship forever. And here there is a twist. Sherlyn believes that Prithvi is with her because he loves her. But that is not the case. Prithvi is supporting Sherlyn only because he wants to ensure that the differences between Preeta and Karan are never resolved.

But when Sherlyn comes to know of Prithvi’s real intentions she will most probably tell the truth either to Karan or to Preeta which can be a major game-changer in “Kundali Bhagya.”

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