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Kumkum Bhagya Spoilers: Prachi To Expose Truth Of Maya To Everyone?

In the last episode of “Kumkum Bhagya” Abhi is very sad that Pragya left without celebrating Lohri festivities with him. He is in a mournful state. Before that, the two shared a very sweet moment much to the joy of the audience who has been constantly demanding such romance between Pragya and Abhi. The lead couple has fabulous chemistry but such scenes between them have become very rare and the audience has been complaining about the same.

Elsewhere, it is a test of Prachi’s trust over Ranbir Kohli who now finds himself in the police station arrested under the allegation of forcing himself on Maya. As the episode of 21st January revealed it was the plan of Aliya and Maya to drug Ranbir and make sure that he lands in jail and is accused of the horrendous act. Meanwhile, Rhea who loves Ranbir does not want this to happen to him but is coaxed by Maya and Aliya into supporting them. The two girls convince Rhea that Ranbir will get out of the jail within a couple of hours but in the meantime, he will realize that not Prachi but Rhea is his true love.

Will Prachi Believe Ranbir?

As planned Maya spikes Ranbir’s drink with drugs and when he passes away accuses him of molesting her in front of the family. Now in the last episode of “Kumkum Bhagya” when Abhi and the family see police taking Ranbir everyone is shocked. Contrarily, even Prachi has seen Ranbir with Maya earlier and she also doubts the entire incident.

In the police station, Ranbir repeatedly tries to prove his innocence but no one listens to him. He urges Maya to tell the truth but instead of complying with his request she comes out with her version of lies to trap Ranbir further. This shocks Prachi who somehow now believes that there is not an ounce of truth in all this. Will Prachi expose the truth of Maya to everyone? Will she take the help of Pragya in solving this mess?

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