‘Kumkum Bhagya’: Abhi & Pragya Are At Crossroads

“Kumkum Bhagya” has now become much more than the story of Abhi and Pragya and the other characters have also become equally important on the show. Ranked in the first five on the TRP chart, the show continues to intrigue the viewers with his constant drama, twists, and upheavals.

In the recent episode of “Kumkum Bhagya” police arrest Rishi on the accusation of molesting Priyanka. When Pragya comes to know about this she comes and tries to stop police from taking him to the police station. But police do not listen to her and instead ask Pragya to let them take Rishi in their custody. At that time, Pragya gives assurance to Rishi that she will try her best to ensure that Rishi gets out of this trouble and would do everything possible to get him out of police custody.

Pragya Is Unaware Of Abhi’s Involvement

At the police station, Abhi is waiting for the police to return with Rishi. After all, he is the one behind sending them to arrest Rishi. Infuriated Abhi comes to know that the cops have put Rishi behind the bars. But he is not satisfied and breaks inside the prison and starts beating Rishi. When an inspector finds out what is happening he pulls Abhi out of the prison but only after the latter has beaten Rishi very severely.
The inspector tells Abhi that it is illegal to beat someone in the jail and that the commissioner will be coming any moment so Abhi must cool down and show up in his best mood and behavior. Abhi understands the gravity of the situation calms down and apologizes.

Elsewhere in “Kumkum Bhagya” Pragya contacts Disha and gets the number of a lawyer from her. Disha gives her the number of Mr. Joshi and wonders whether it is Pragya who requires a lawyer. Later on, Pragya comes to the police station and requests the inspector to help her meet Rishi at least for a few minutes.