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KGF Star Yash Got Sad On His Birthday For Fan Who Set Himself On Fire Same Day

KGF Yash set sort of a record when he cut a huge cake of 5000 kg on his birthday this year. It was all about the love of his fans and also about how the superstar feels responsible for them. But Yash was not very keen to celebrate his birthday this year and not even last year. The kind of love that this young Kannada superstar is getting is unexpected and unprecedented.

He is one regional actor who has successfully broken all the boundaries of states and languages and has deeply penetrated the minds of Indians. That is why when it was his 34th birthday on January 8, more than 5 lakh fans of Yash from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh gathered in Bangalore to celebrate his birthday. Yash came to the event with his wife Radhika Pandit.

Yash Did Not Want To Celebrate His Birthday

It was the first time in two years that the actor celebrated his birthday. However, he was not very happy to celebrate it. According to inner sources, Yash decided not to celebrate his birthday last year when Ambareesh, his senior co-actor whom he loved and respected a lot died. However, his decision had so much impact on one of his fans that he came in front of the superstar’s residence and set himself on fire.

The fan was immediately rushed to the hospital but could not be saved. This incident made Yash very sad and he was somehow feeling responsible for the whole thing. That is why this year the KGF superstar let the fans celebrate his birthday the way they wanted and even reached the venue with his wife to make them happy.

The fans had erected a huge cut-out of Yash at the venue which could have easily toppled and killed anyone. So the actor asked his fans to remove them immediately. The cut-out was so huge that it took a chopper to bring it down.

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