Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

KGF star Yash and his wife Radhika Pandit welcomed their new family member on Wednesday. It's a baby boy and his arrival has indeed completed their sweet family. Soon after the news was confirmed, fans of the KGF Chapter 2 Star started pouring in wishes for the infant and the couple. Of course, the moment must be emotional for the couple. Without delaying, Yash thanked everyone and shared a return gift for his well-wishers.

Rocky Bhai-Yash shared a video in which he is heard interacting with baby Ayra. The exclusiveness of this video is- the dotting dad is having a conversation with his baby girl about their new family member. This video has audio sounds in which at first baby Ayra is probably trying to speak out her excitement with her funny little noises and sounds.

Yash decoded her sounds as, "What she is trying to say is that she has got a new little brother today. Her happiness has doubled yaar. Can't wait for these baby conversations. Thank you for all your love and blessings. Will share more news shortly."

Rocky Bhai also didn't forget to thank everyone in Kannada as well. Throughout the video, Ayra is murmuring in intervals which overloads this return gift with cuteness.


Of course, such moments are very very special for parents and happiness has doubled for this star couple within a year. Currently, Radhika is reportedly in hospital and both the newborn baby and the mother are doing well.