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Sangati Jogwar

“The Kapil Sharma” show recently completed its 100 episodes on Sony Television. Produced by Salman Khan, the show lost its position in the top 10 TRP ranking last week and may get further down as the jokes and the dialogues are getting repetitive and hackneyed. That is why it is high time that the producer and the channel sit together with Kapil Sharma and think of something different and offbeat that can pull up the show’s viewership.

So, when a photograph of Salman Khan with Kapil and Sunil Grover by his sides surfaced a few days ago, speculations were adrift as to whether Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma are reuniting for “The Kapil Sharma Show.” As a producer, Salman definitely would like his show to reach the top of the TRP charts. Even though Krushna Abhishek is doing a good job as Sapna on the show, Gutthi by Sunil Grover is a very famous character who managed to attract a lot of appreciation from the fans of the show.


Salman Wants Sunil Back As Gutthi?

Salman Khan who is currently ruling the television as a host for “Bigg Boss 13” triggered speculations of Sunil’s return as Gutthi when he decided to welcome the character on his reality show. Salman has good relations with both Sunil and Kapil. While he gave Sunil a chance to act in his home production movie “Bharat” Salman brought back “The Kapil Sharma Show” on the small screen and helped Kapil restart his career as a standup comedian.

A fight between Sunil and Kapil that happened in an airplane a couple of years ago was the major reason for their fallout. But now with Salman eager to have them together and the show failing to reach the top spot in TRP ranking, Kapil does not have much choice but to welcome Sunil Grover as Gutthi.

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