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Kapil Sharma Completes Jackie Shroff’s Challenge; Nominates Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan and Ajay Devgn (Watch)

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is the promotion pad for most of the Bollywood movies. Almost, all the big celebrities having a new release come on this reality show for promoting their flicks. However, there are times when there are no promotions and the show simply calls a few personalities just for entertainment and helping the fans see and meet their superstars. That is how the star of yesteryear, Jackie Shroff came on “The Kapil Sharma Show’ a couple of weeks ago.

Nowadays it is a trend to challenge each other with some tasks on social media. More often such tasks are exchanged by celebrities to promote a certain cause related to the betterment of the society. Jackie Shroff always promotes a clean and green environment message and during the show, he challenged Kapil Sharma to plant a tree and take care of it.

Kapil Sharma Challenges AK, Varun & Ajay

So to fulfil the challenge, Kapil Sharma planted a small sapling in his balcony and shared the video on his social media account. To spread the message further, he challenged Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, and Varun Dhawan to plant a tree and further spread the message. In his post, Kapil Sharma wrote, “Thank you Jaggu dada @apnabhidu for this beautiful challenge and for inspiring all of us to plant trees and take care of our environment.”

Now if Varun Ajay and Akshay Kumar do take up the challenge, it is sure to encourage more social media users to plant trees. Celebs, especially Bollywood stars and cricketers have a big influence on the minds of people in India which is why their actions have been known to make positive as well as a negative impact on them. By promoting a clean and green environment Jackie Shroff has come up with a challenge that if taken seriously can help to make the country greener.

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