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Immediately after Jaya Bachchan's address in Rajya Sabha, Kangana Ranaut came out with her comment. In her tweet, she says, "Jaya Ji would you say the same thing if in my place it was your daughter Shweta beaten, drugged and molested as a teenager, would you say the same thing if Abhishek complained about bullying and harassment constantly and found hanging one day? Show compassion for us also."

In her follow-up tweet, the Tanu Weds Manu actress wrote, "Like a famous choreographer once said, “ रेप किया तो क्या हुआ रोटी तो दी ना” is that what are you implying? There are no proper HR departments in production houses where women can complain, no safety or insurances for those who risk their lives every day, no 8 hours shift regulations." This famous choreographer is none other than the late Saroj Khan who a few years ago supported rape on aspiring actresses by casting couch.

Jaya Bachchan earlier today addressed the Rajya Sabha seeking protection for the entertainment industry against those defaming it. She indirectly did hint at Bhojpuri actor and MP Ravi Kishan's speech in Lok Sabha yesterday. Her comment also included those who are currently maligning the film industry in connection with the drug racket. Incidentally, Kangana Ranaut is one Bollywood actress who has been constantly talking about the involvement of Al-listed stars in drugs.

Taapsee Pannu, Anubhav Sinha Support Jaya Bachchan

While Kangana Ranaut questioned Jayaji's address, Anubhav Sinha and Taapsee Pannu supported the yesteryear actress. In her tweet, Taapsee wrote, "For we have always stood by the initiatives, causes and awareness campaigns. It’s time for payback. Hitting the nail on its head and how ! yet again a woman from the industry spoke up."

Director Anubha Sinha also appreciated Jaya Bachchan's stand. He wrote, "जया जी को सादर प्रणाम भेजता हूँ। जिनको पता नहीं वो देख लें। रीढ़ की हड्डी ऐसी दिखती है।"

Mumbai Police To Investigate Kangana Ranaut's Drug Connection

Tryst of Kangana Ranaut with Shiv Sena and BMC continues. After the BMC demolished the office of Queen actress now the Mumbai police are planning to conduct an investigation against her in drug connection. A few months ago the actress revealed that she took drugs.


In her video post, Kangana said, "Soon as I ran away from my house, I became a film star in a couple of years and a drug addict. So much stuff was happening in my life, I fell into the hands of such people and all of this happened while I was still a teenager. Imagine how dangerous I am."

Now the Mumbai police are using this video and a statement by her ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman to find out the connection of Kangana Ranaut with drugs.

After staying for a week in Mumbai, the actress is back in her hometown in Manali.

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