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Kangana Ranaut Questions Authenticity of Deepika Padukone’s Claims Regarding Depression Issues

Kangana Ranaut has now come out with a special video clip in which she slams Deepika Padukone for grabbing sympathy for her depression issues.

Kangana ranaut is quite furious and she questions the authenticity of Deepika Padukone’s claims in her latest video. A couple of years ago the Om Shant Om star stated that she suffered from depression due to breakup at one point in her life.

Kangana Ranaut Asks How Can Deepika Padukone Enjoy Life When Depressed?

Kangana says, “Yeh jo depression ki theory hai, ye jo Deepika Padukone achanak 2015-2016 mein kahati hai ki 2008 mein muzhe dump kiya gaya tha. Toh muzhe uska depression aaj ho gaya hai. aath salon baad! Uske baad mein bichme unke affair bhi chal rahe hai. Woh acche se kam bhi kar rahi hai. Woh bahar jake sajati sawarti bhi hai. Sabkuch hota hai, Shaadi bhi ho rahi hai but depression sath sath mein hai.

She further asks, “Aisa kaisa depression hai ke jo ki aath saal baad hota hai. Aur jab hota hai because I know about people struggling with mental illness. A huge part of their life goes completely dysfunctional. And it is arguable whether they can really tap into their full potential as professionals and in their personal life. Most people say they can’t. Because they have limitations.

Kangana is very fierce when she continues, “Yahan ji inko dekho aisa depression huwa hai jo aath saal ke breakup ka aaj depression hota  hai.Aur unka woh business banake baithi hui hai. Aur woh Sushant Singh Rajput ke liye kaheti hai ki he was just depressed so he killed himself. Aur dekhiye pura jo uss tarah ka racket hai jo uss tarah ke comment ko like karna shuru kar deta hai.Retweet karnashuru karta hai.

Will These Intellectuals Give Us Benefit of Doubt?

Kangana Ranaut in her aggressive tone challenges all those intellectuals who are supporting Deepika Padukone. The National Award-winning actress says, “Deepika kahati hai ki muzhe aath mahine ka depression ho gaya. Ab mere bacche bhi ho jayenge tab bhi muzhe wo depression rahega.” The actress says it can happen, I accept it. But when father of Sushant said that his son was not bipolar, when I say that I am not bipolar why don’t you give us benefit of doubt? Why are you forcefully calling someone mentally ill?


It should be noted that when the news about Sushant’s depression came out after his death, Deepika was one of the few who made a tweet related to it. She further slams Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan who worked with Sushant in PK. According to Kangana Ranaut, even the likes of Aditya Chopra and his wife Rani Mukerjee who knew the Kedarnath actor well as he worked in YRF movies are keeping mum.

She finally asks if they do not have any fear then why are these people silent. Why are they not asking for justice for someone who has been their colleague?



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