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Kangana Ranaut Makes a Cryptic Comment After Bangladeshi Cricketer Shakib-al-Hasan Was Forced to Apologize For Attending a Kali Puja

Most of the controversial topics of national and international interest are discussed widely on social media, especially Twitter. And one celebrity who always has something to say about things happening around is Kangana Ranaut. The Fashion actress is quite known for her candid remarks, comments that sometimes even land her in trouble.

Kangana has once again made a cryptic comment and this time on a Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib-al-Hasan. According to reports, the ICC’s No. 1 allrounder attended the inauguration of a Kali Puja mandap in Kolkata. This however did not go well down with his fans.

After severe criticism from Bangladeshi fans, Shakib apologized to them for being a part of a Hindu ritual. The cricketer even received death threats which forced him to come out with an apology.

Kangana Ranaut Asks Shakib-al-Hasan ‘Kyu Darte Ho Itna Mandiron Se’

Tagging the news about Shakib’s apology in her Twitter post, the Bollywood diva penned, “क्यूँ डरते हो इतना मंदिरों से? कोई तो वजह होगी? यूँही कोई इतना नहीं घबराता, हम तो सारी उम्र मस्जिद में बिता दें फिर भी राम नाम कोई दिल से नहीं निकाल सकता, ख़ुद की इबादत पे भरोसा नहीं या अपना ही हिंदू अतीत तुम्हें मंदिरों से आकर्षित करता है? पूछो ख़ुद से….”

The actress earlier today also slammed Twitter for suspending the True Indology account. Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Sick n tired of being treated like a slave in my own country, we can’t celebrate our festivals, can’t speak the truth and defend our ancestors, we can’t condemn terrorism, what is the point of such a shameful enslaved life controlled by the keepers of darkness #BringBackTrueIndology.”

The account of True Indology was suspended because of its spat with an IPS officer D Roopa. In a series of tweets, Kangana Ranaut slammed D Roopa and Twitter. She even appreciated the support True Indology was getting.

A couple of weeks ago Kangana Ranaut was spotted in Jaipur enjoying the wedding of her brother Aksht.

Now she is back in her hometown Manali and will soon start shooting for upcoming projects Dhaakad and Tejas.


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