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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Update: Sonakshi To Lose Rohit Due To Karan?

“Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” fans are just happy that Sonakshi and Rohit are coming together after all the misunderstanding between them has been resolved. But will their reunion be possible? After all, many other characters in the show do not want their union. And no it’s not Raima who is now whole-heartedly supporting the couple after all the differences have been cleared.

It is Karan who is planning to create a big dhamaka as Sonakshi and Rohit start preparing for their engagement.

Rohit Is Hurt, Will He Survive?

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According to spoilers, in “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” Karan is in a very angry mood and is quite unhappy that Sonakshi and Rohit are getting engaged. He always wanted Sonakshi for himself but now that things are not working in his favor, he is ready to take a drastic step and that is to hurt and eventually kill Rohit.

Just before the engagement, Karan will shoot Rohit. Although, the latter will still be alive but will get hurt. Somehow Rohit manages to get himself into the hospital for treatment. He also tries to hide the entire incidence from his family and Sonakshi. But somehow everyone comes to know about this.

They are shocked and rush to the hospital to meet Rohit. In the meanwhile, Karan will not be happy because Rohit has somehow managed to survive. But the fact that this could either postpone or cancel the engagement of Rohit and Sonakshi gives him some peace of mind.

Eventually, it would be the take of the couple and their families whether to cancel the engagement or go ahead as planned. It will also depend on whether Rohit is fit enough to stand all the rituals and celebrations that are part of a normal engagement. There is a strong possibility that Karan might plan another attack on Rohit while he is recuperating in the hospital as the latter is not strong enough to retaliate.

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